I was keeping making Ceramic dolls of the simple texture from 20 years before, but when I'd like to be impressed with beauty of the shade of the glaze of a vase in 5 years before and put on its beauty, I have begun to work on accessary making of Shigaraki ware. It's light, and the calcined method down which good clay of coloring and glaze don't float is developed, and a light and beautiful colored Shigaraki jewelry "Juno " has been completed 2 years before largely.  

 The technology with which a large accessary is made was done, but when I'd like to raise more charm of goods as a jewelry, I went to information collection to France and Italy which are forward land in jewelry culture.

 When it was visited in market research to Florence in Italy with this "Juno" last year, I received high evaluation for many people as well as I met up with the Zecchi family which reproduces pigment from rocks in the Renaissance age at a long-established store subject matter for a painting store in Florence. If it was the same pigment as the one Michelangelo used formerly endured by the firing temperature of 1200 ℃ of pottery from this Mr. Zecchi, the one handed over was cobalt-blue pigment from rocks.  

 When the pigment from rocks brought home was analyzed and compounded at Shiga prefectural industrial technologies synthetic center Shigaraki ceramic industry examination room, and it was given to "Juno" and it was baked up, excellent cobalt blue like the color of the sky of Michelangelo's masterpiece "the last referee" colored, and "Blue Michelangelo" was born.  

 Pigment from rocks in the Renaissance age and Shigaraki ware are to encounter and put it on the born body, and history and cultural fusion are a felt completely new Shigaraki jewelry for "Blue Michelangelo".  




 昨年は、この「Juno」を持ってイタリアのフィレンツェへ市場調査に訪れたところ、多くの人々に高い評価をいただくとともに、フィレンツェの老舗画材店でルネサンス時代の岩絵具を再現している Zecchi(ゼッ キ)氏と出会いました。この Zecchi氏から、1200°Cの陶器の焼成温度に耐えられる、かつてミケランジェロが使っていたものと同じ顔料だと手渡されたのが、コバルトブルーの岩絵具でした。 

 持ち帰った岩絵具を滋賀県立工業技術総合センター信楽窯業試験場で分析・調合し、「Juno」に施して焼き上げたところ、ミケランジェロの名画「最後の審判」の空の色のような見事なコバルトブルーが発色し、「Blue Michelangelo」が誕生しました。 

 「Blue Michelangelo」は、ルネサンス時代の岩絵具と信楽焼が巡り合って生まれた、身につけることで歴史と文化の融合が感じられる、まったく新しい信楽ジュエリーです。 

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